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Tonight in San Diego

Did you know that BTS TV is the Segment Producer for America's Finest City's own variety talk show featuring San Diego personalities & the absolute best from its music scene? The show is called Tonight in San Diego. Each and every week it brings you a night full of laughs, culture, music, entertainment and even more laughs - all in front of a live studio audience. It's the only place where you can find stand-up comedians, radio & tv personalities, civic leaders, innovators, artists and much much more all sharing the same stage.

Aside from producing all the pretaped segments for the show, Austin Winnie is in charge of all the live mixing that is done during the live tapings. Tony is a jack of all trades, from time to time you will find him operating the camera or calling shots as the live switcher. Tonight in San Diego has been around for three years now, and the show airs on CW6 every Saturday nights at 11 PM.

Live tapings are held at the side stage of Spreckels theater in Downtown San Diego. Find out more about the show on tonightinsandiego.com.


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